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Currently, we have three comic strip series and one web comic series. Foxy Comics for you!

About Us

Fox and Pearl Press started in 2009 as a self-publishing company and online bookstore. In 2017 we started taking steps to revamp our company to expand into publishing and selling comics and graphic art services. Our previous products included four young adult titles that we published. Now, this re-imagining of the company includes a new website, and creating a three new comic strips. These comics and are all based on animal characters and are designed to be family-oriented entertainment appealing to parents and children. They are available on several online platforms for free, including our website. In addition to their web presence, our comics will eventually be available as printed collections through our online store. An additional aspect of our new product line is the introduction of our early and exclusive access subscription service hosted by On Patreon, customers can subscribe to our comics for a small monthly fee so they can have early access to new content and exclusive access to content created for Patreon subscribers.

Our company, Fox and Pearl Press, is in the art and entertainment industry. The biggest development for us within the last 5 – 10 years is the acceleration in technology and the increasing consumer appeal of digital art.
As more consumers shift their focus from purchasing printed paper books and comic collections and instead purchase downloadable content to view on screens and handheld devices, publishers and creators need to make their work more accessible to those consumers. This is a trend we have followed and we do nearly 100% of our work digitally in light of these developments.