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Patreon is a monthly subscription service. With it, you can help support me financially so I can keep creating new content.
In exchange for your support, you'll have access to different rewards, depending on which tier of support you choose.

Some of the rewards include:

How do I support you on Patreon?

You can start by going to my patreon page. There, you'll see more about what benefits you can have by being a "patron" on Patreon.

What do I need so I can use Patreon?

Can I change my support tier or stop supporting you on Patreon if I choose to?

Absolutely. You can change your level of support at any time, and you can choose to stop supporting me on Patreon at any time for any reason.

Do I need to support you on Patreon to see all your content?

All of my main content will be available for free on this website or on DeviantART, so if you choose not to support me financially via a Patreon subscription, you can still see my works. There will be some Patreon exclusive content that you can only see if you subscribe. Once you subscribe, all the previous content that was released for patrons will become available for you to see. The higher the tier you subscribe to, the more you'll see.